Zach Braff Helps A Young Guy Propose To His Sweetheart in Touching YouTube Video

You know it’s going to be a good day when some beautifully tear-evoking video like this can cut through the swath of beheading videos cropping up online and touch your heart. It gives me hope that on this metaphorical water-soaked planet, we will find dry land yet.

Contrary to popular belief, I love to be proven wrong, because, usually, it means that this world is a better place than I — or Voltaire — give it credit for being. I gave Zach Braff a measure of shit earlier this year for his response to his Kickstarter critics. I wasn’t wrong about my assessment of it, but goddamn if Zach Braff isn’t a better person than I made him out to be.

Now I would be awfully short-sighted if I allowed my total opinion of a man to be formed solely off his body of work and not the content of his character, but in doing videos like this one, Zach Braff is revealing deeper shades of his character, and I like what I am seeing.

It all goes back to this moment on “The Tonight Show,” where Jay Leno sent his intern out with one of Shaquille O’Neal’s sneakers to have it signed at a red carpet event by celebrities for charity. And I remember Tony Danza sneered and said, “I’m not going to sign a shoe.” And this was well after his “Who’s the Boss” days, so I don’t know who he thought he was impressing, but I’ve allowed that image of Tony Danza to cloud my judgment of celebrity. Maybe I need to instead dwell on those folks who did sign the shoe instead? This terrific video of a man proposing to his girlfriend via friends, family and Zach Braff maybe makes me believe that Zach Braff would have signed that shoe after all …

Screen shot 2013-07-10 at 10.17.01 AM

Of course, the old cynical me would have just looked at Zach Braff’s Kickstarter and saw that for a $500 contribution, Zach would record a video greeting saying whatever proposer Matt Hulbert wanted. I choose to believe this is not the case here. Zach Braff is not a whore, he’s a good, kind celebrity… Zach Braff is not a whore, he’s a good, kind celebrity… Zach Braff is not a …

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