10 Crucial Items Not To Forget In Your VidCon Survival Kit

After months of waiting with bated breath for your VidCon 2013 countdown to reach the single digits, the big weekend has finally arrived. In 24 hours you’ll be gossiping with Tyler Oakley, having a stiff drink with Grace Helbig, playing video games with Anthony and Ian from Smosh or talking with VidCon founders Hank and John Green. Sweet VidCon, the place where internet video dreams are made.

But before you jump into your car and head over to Anaheim to begin your whirlwind weekend, there are ten must-have items you’ll need to back in order to guarantee your weekend is a success. Complete with all the essentials, your VidCon survival pack will be the most talked-about item at this year’s conference and guarantee you a stress-free day.


1. Backpack

Seems obvious right? Pick a lightweight backpack that can fit your must-have items but isn’t too bulky or heavy. Your backpack should be able to fit all of your necessary items — jacket, water bottle, snacks — and leave your hands free for meeting your favorite YouTubers. Should backpacks not be your thing, consider a medium size crossbody bag or messenger bag to add a little variety in your look.

2. Extra pens/sharpie markers and a notepad

It always happens, that dreaded moment when your only pen dies just when you ask your favorite YouTuber to sign your autograph book. Well not this year, VidCon attendee! In your ever-so-cool bag, pack two sharpie markers for poster and t-shirt signing, at least two pens, and a small notepad for you to write out your phone number to potential dates around the convention.

3. Non-leaking Water Bottle and Snacks

For three whole days, VidCon will rage on from 8 a.m. to the wee hours of the night with panels, signings and concerts happening at every hour. Be prepared with snacks  — such as crackers, carrots, apples, granola bars, nuts or gummy bears — to avoid your blood sugar dropping during the long days. Also don’t forget to bring your own water bottle to keep the monster of thirst at bay. If you’re in need of an extra caffeine boost to get you through, be warned that the Starbucks outside the convention center is busier than Disneyland on a Saturday.

4. Fully charge your camera and phone before leaving

You’ll be hating your life if finally you get through the doors of VidCon and come to find out you forgot to charge your phone last night. Now instead of enjoying a relaxed day at the convention, you’ll be stressing about how to best conserve your 10 percent power. Don’t be that person, charge your phone and bring an extra battery for your camera.


5. Comfortable Walking Shoes

At VidCon you will be on your feet, running around, all day. So while those strappy Steve Madden summer wedges might be the cutest thing in your closet, they probably aren’t your best VidCon companions.

6. Chapstick

If there is anything you take from this survival list, let it be this: there is nothing worse, in the entire world, than having chapped lips for an entire day. Sure, you may not be puckering up with anyone this weekend, but nothing will kill your mood faster than spending the day licking your dry, chapped lips. So pack a chapstick — hell, pack 13 chapsticks — just to be safe.

7. Jacket

A jacket will be your best friend against the convention’s strong air-conditioning system or the chill that sets in at night around Anaheim. The Weather Channel has predicted temperatures to be in the high 70’s during the day and low 60’s during the night, so dress accordingly to maximize your fun.

8. Gum and Breath Mints

This weekend, not only will you be meeting some of your YouTube heroes, you’ll be making lifelong friendships with other fans just like you. And while everyone enjoys being remembered in one capacity or another, being remembered for your stank breath is not the way to go. Gum, breath mints and a miniature bottle of mouthwash are the trifecta of perfection for your social interaction.

9. Hand Sanitizer

Keep yourself, and your upcoming millions of handshakes, clean by carrying around your own little bottle of hand sanitizer to use throughout the day. That way your favorite Internet star will remember you for your sparkling personality — rather than your sticky hands.


10. Tickets, ID, and Wallet

Just go and double check that your VidCon information, your ID and your wallet are all packed in your backpack. By being prepared and getting everything packed beforehand, you’ll be able to just fly out the door in the morning and hit the convention as soon as possible.

Bonus: Contact solution and your eye glasses

For the cool people who wear contacts, bring a miniature bottle of cleaning solution and your glasses to avoid an optical emergency. Nothing leads to a mind-splitting headache quicker than having only one contact in and squinting like a pirate for the rest of the day.

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