17-Year-Old YouTuber JennxPenn Premieres First Episode Of New AwesomenessTV Show ‘JennxPenn’s Top 10’s’ [VIDEO]

Yesterday, 17-year-old YouTuber Jenn McAllister aka JennxPenn released the premiere episode of her new AwesomenessTV show “JennxPenn’s Top 10’s.” A new episode will be released every Thursday on AwesonenessTV’s YouTube channel and each will feature Jenn counting down a top 10 list on different topics.

“I think the show will be fun because there’s an endless amount of possibilities when it comes to the lists, and it’s really relatable,” states Jenn. “It’s fun to film in studio in front of a green screen with a little crew of people, but I think the best part of filming so far was when I filmed the ‘Top 10 Pet Peeves’ with my roommate. We couldn’t stop laughing.” For her first video “JennxPenn’s Top Ten Pet Peeves,” Jenn lists her pet peeves, which include awkward silences and people reading her text messages over her shoulder.

Jenn first started making videos when she was 8 years old but didn’t start uploading them onto YouTube until she was 12. “Throughout my entire life I’ve always had an interest in making videos, but I decided to start posting them on YouTube after watching some Smosh videos with one of my friends. We wanted to be the ‘girl Smosh’ so we decided to post some sketches we made that were similar to theirs!” Jenn says.

Jenn was one of the first creators to join the AwesomenessTV family and now uploads music videos, vlogs, sketches and gaming content to her three YouTube channels. And as to what her future might hold, Jenn is still figuring that out as she goes.

“It’s always crazy to think about the future because so much can happen on YouTube in a year,” Jenn says. “This time last year, I would have never imagined that I’d be living on the other side of the country! It would be cool to expand on to bigger projects, but my main focus right now is to continue putting out content on my three channels.”

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