5 Things A Newbie Learned At VidCon 2013: Day 1

Admittedly, I was a VidCon virgin. I had no idea what I was in for, be it crowds or parties or flying monkeys that would carry off the less-attractive children. But I was ready for it (particularly the monkeys). And now, with one day in the books, I can honestly say I am a savvy, VidCon-wearied traveller. And I’ve got the tired feet, awesome memories and chafed thighs to prove it. So if for whatever reason you’ve never been to VidCon, and you didn’t go today and yet you plan on going tomorrow, here are five things you should know:


5. The Panels Are Frequently Not Well-Attended

For the mobs of people on the convention floor, standing in line for hours to get an autograph of the boys of Smosh or whoever, there was very few bodies in the chairs during the various panels. I went to several, and none of them were filled to capacity. To me this is a mystery, as the real point of going to these conventions should be about improving your YouTube acumen, and yet, that seems to be trumped by face-painting and autograph lines.


4. Farts…

I don’t know what it is that the kids these days are eating, but man oh man, was I constantly in the midst of some fart cloud or another. And they were inescapable … on the escalators, in the aisles in line, everywhere. At first I thought it was just my cologne, but nope. Damn, you kids fart a lot — be careful or it could be the thing that defines your generation.


3. Sometimes An ‘Enemy’ is Just A Friend You Haven’t Met …

I’d heard through the grapevine that a certain YouTuber hated my writing. HATED IT. He thought I was too mean, too snarky, all of it. VidCon 2013 allowed me to get some face time with him and friend him up during an interview. By the point he found out who I was, he didn’t dislike me quite as much as he thought he did. Of course, I happened to have a camera recording us, so he might have been playing “the game.” But you know what? It doesn’t matter to me — having met him, he can dislike my writing all he wants. I think he’s a pretty nice guy.

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