5 Things A Newbie Learned At VidCon 2013: Day 1


2. YouTubers Are Accessible

You want YouTube creators? You will be choked to death by the sheer number of them roaming around, accessible to the fans. I expected a catacomb of back corridors that the creators would slip in and out of, popping up only to sit at autograph tables and then disappear back to some lounge for cool kids, but nope. At one point, I had virtually all of the biggest prankers on YouTube (Jack Vale, Vitalyzdtv, Roman Atwood, Magic of Rahat, etc …) surrounding me. I felt like I was at ground zero for the biggest prank of all time.


1. Shrieking Girls

Be prepared. There are these moments, randomly, when some creator will walk in and for whatever reason there is this massive tween panic complete with running, hysterics and a whole lot of mouth braces. It is so much louder and crazier than you will believe — as if Justin Bieber joined up with the boys of One Direction and they all took their pants off. You realize these people are superstars in this world, but you don’t quite realize the caliber of celebrity until your ear drums explode and every junior high girl in South California stampedes past you, indifferent to your well-being.

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