A Day in the Life of Smosh: Ian & Anthony at Vidcon 2013 & Meeting their Top Indiegogo Donor Superfan [NMR VIDEO DOCUMENTARY]

On the second floor of the Anaheim Convention Center, tucked away from mobs of VidCon fans, Ian and Anthony of Smosh are met by a surprisingly quiet room.

Professional, yet personable, the dynamic duo seemed relieved by their hushed reception, grateful to be away from the screaming mobs they’ve spent the last 12 hours immersed within. The room is filled with 20 of Smosh’s most loyal fans who had donated a qualifying amount of money to the YouTube duo’s Indiegogo campaign, allowing them to participate in the exclusive meet and greet. The campaign was created to raise money for Smosh’s upcoming video game, “Food Battle,” and offered prizes such as an exclusive VidCon meeting with Smosh, the opportunity to direct Ian and Anthony in an Instagram video, and a signed “Food Battle” poster. Without the computer screen separating them from their YouTube idols, the fans are at a loss for words, muted by their own astonishment at seeing Ian and Anthony in the flesh.


But among the thousands of fans Ian and Anthony have met at VidCon 2013, there is one fan they are likely never to forget. A diehard Smosh fan, 12-year-old Aleeya was completely shocked when her aunts gave her $2,000 to donate to Smosh’s Indiegogo campaign. With her generous donation, Aleeya was treated to Smosh merchandise and a personal photo shoot with Ian and Anthony. As she told NMR, it was the best day of her life.

After the fans had all left — armed with signed posters and cameras full of Smosh-related pictures — Ian and Anthony took a much needed moment to breath — and twerk, in Ian’s case — before mapping out their exit strategy. Sitting down among the empty rows of conference chairs, Ian and Anthony talked with NMR about meeting Aleeya and their incredible experiences at VidCon 2013.

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