A Fab Life’s Leah & Mary on Making YouTube More Fabulous, & Style Tricks Every Girl Should Know [INTERVIEW]


Hey, who doesn’t? There are so many beauty, fashion, lifestyle channels on YouTube, so how do you keep your channel unique?

Leah: For us I think we have a really great thing going with being a duo and really actually are best friends in real life, and we do spend all this time together and we do really hang out like that all the time so just being our authentic selves and having a really good time with each other. I think it’s fun.

Mary: And I would say we are really interested in telling a story, so more than just “This is what I love!” We want to tell a story of how we got there and the whole process and take you on a little journey with us that’s fun and hopefully you laugh a little bit.

Leah: We really set out to inform but also more importantly, entertain.

Do you eventually see yourself transitioning off of YouTube? Is there something you’re working towards?

Leah: I mean we really want to be a multiplatform brand, so we want to stay on YouTube. We love YouTube, and personally, for me, I love how interactive it is and how we get to like talk with our viewers, and it feels like we’re hanging out with thousands and thousands of friends, but we definitely want to expand our brand into T.V. and do all that.

Mary: And our website as well. We really believe that digital is the future. We love YouTube and whatever kind of the next thing is we are just going to keep going and keep expanding, and we don’t feel like online video content is going anywhere.

Leah: And it’s such a cool opportunity because you can do whatever you want, you can create whatever you want, you don’t have to ask anyone for permission; just post it and make sure you don’t use copyright in it, and you’re fine [laughs].

What are you currently working on right now?

Leah: We always have lots of different things. We have a couple different clients that we’re working with. We’re life stylists so we do event styling, decor styling and wardrobe styling so a couple different clients that’s we’re working with right now on that. We also are really excited because we’re gearing up for another collaboration on YouTube with Shane Dawson and Lisbug, his girlfriend Lisa Schwartz, so we’re getting ready to redo their office space which is going to be loads of fun.

What advice would you have for someone interested in creating a beauty and fashion-centered YouTube channel?

Mary: Really I think it would be to be yourself, you know. There is only one of you and you can’t go out there copying anybody else or trying to mimic somebody else’s recipe for success. People know immediately if you’re inauthentic or not, and just really finding something that you love to talk about. If you love making paper planes, make paper planes on YouTube. It will come across.

Leah: Just start. We always have these reasons why not to start and why not to get started, and the beginning videos of some really great YouTubers didn’t start out as probably being the greatest videos in the world and it evolved over time, so just give yourself a break and keep going.

Mary: And then keep going.

Leah: And then after that keep, keep going.

Mary: And then keep going again.

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