‘America’s Got Talent’-Winning Olate Dogs Are Featured ‘Dogs At Play’ on The Pet Collective

Since you are on the internet, I’m assuming that you are a fan of cute animals doing cute things (it’s an internet mandate). And when it comes to cute animals doing cute things, there is simply no better channel on YouTube than The Pet Collective.

But wait, there’s more … (if my career as a new media writer goes south, I’m going to become a TV pitchman).

On The Pet Collective’s hit show “Dogs at Play,” today at 3:00 p.m. PST they will be featuring the latest vid from the famed Olate Dogs, the surprise winners on last season’s “America’s Got Talent” (well, America’s canine companions have talent anyhow). This one features Jack — if you’ve already seen the vids for Lili (at top) and Bella (at bottom), you know this vid is sure to be adorable.

“The Olate Dogs have an incredible story. All the dogs are rescues and they travel around the country performing at halftime events, the circus and even had a residency in Las Vegas,” says Tom Maynard, the head honcho over at The Pet Collective. “We spent a few days filming with them in LA when they were last here and we shot them in Super Slow-mo.”

So there you go. Awesome dogs doing cute stuff on an awesome and cute YouTube channel. How much would you pay for this visual feast? Your life savings, right? Me too! Well, what if I told you to put away your checkbook, because it is all 100% free? There’s not even my normal shipping and handling fees!

Tune in and prepare to be amazed.

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