Are Hardcore PrankvsPrank Fans Trying To Destroy Similar YouTube Prank Channels?

Earlier this week, YouTube creator Scott Kerr discovered that his Facebook inbox had been flooded with hate mail. “Apparently, they are resorting to tracking my Facebook page like a pack of hungry wolves,” Kerr tells me. By the way Kerr speaks about these “haters” it’s clear that he’s dealt with this kind of harassment before.


Kerr and his wife Annette, who are both deaf, run YouTube channel Prank and Spank, which has been the subject of incredible backlash since its inception. Prank and Spank, naturally given the channel’s name, follows the Kerrs as they repeatedly and ruthlessly prank each other.

On the other side of YouTube with more than 3 million subscribers, PrankvsPrank (PVP) are uploading videos with more or less the same premise. It’s the reason for the harassment and one of the reasons Prank and Spank uploads sport more than a few down votes.


“The PVP fan nation are so brainwashed they cannot accept the fact that when other prank couples come along or other prank channels are created, as they believe PVP were the first and only,” Kerr explains. Beneath almost every Prank and Spank upload, dozens of PVP fans can be seen laying into the Kerrs.

“SHIT IS FAKES. PVP SAAAAN!!!!! GET ON THEIR LEVEL FRAUDS#!!!!!” one commenter writes beneath the upload “Prank #112.” Kerr explains how this is hurting the channel, saying: “Sometimes they come by the pack and spam and thumb down our videos so bad that it’s completely ruined.”


Fans unofficially “defending” creators isn’t a new practice among the YouTube community, however. At YouTube message board YTtalk, creator SGT. Tango Gaming writes about an incident in which he received multiple downvotes simply for commenting on a SeaNanners, PewDiePie collaboration video: “I then got so much hate from SeaNanners fans, as they hate PewDiePie, and the same from Pewds fans because they hate SeaNanners.”

While hardcore fans once seemed content with commenting solely on YouTube, according to Kerr they are now taking their harassment to a whole new level. “I woke up today and checked my Facebook messages, and I had nine messages in my ‘Other’ inbox account and all nine messages were the PVP fans and negative messages,” Kerr says. “The fans will do whatever tehy [sic] will to only make PVP stay at the top.”


For now, the Kerrs are trying to stay above the harassment, responding to every negative piece of criticism on their channel. However, following the history of the Prank and Spank channel, it’s clear that the the abuse is wearing on the couple. “Oh shut up. Every comment by you is PVP this and that. We don’t need to get on there [sic] level as you fucking fanb*tches are the worst! PVP SAAN is the most gayest fucking thing ever,” writes Prank and Spank, responding to a belligerent PVP fan.

“I have had enough of it,” Kerr explains. “It is time to make a stand and do something. It’s not fair this has to happen to everyone. The spamming and cheating needs to stop.”


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