Around The World in 4 Minutes: British Traveler’s Video Goes Viral

A British traveler who spent four years and £27,000 ($41,400) on a trip around the world without flying has become a viral sensation thanks to his YouTube video featuring him in 201 countries.

The video, posted by Graham Hughes on July 29, has since garnered nearly 400,000 views since its debut. Hughes told the BBC that it was “incredible” that his video, which features a second of footage in a different country, has been seen that many times.

He said about his trip: “It didn’t cost a lot money-wise as I did it on a shoestring but I came back skint and it caused me to split with my [ex-girlfriend].”

During his travels, Hughes had been arrested twice, once in the Republic of Congo and the other time in the island nation of Cape Verde, both in Africa. As for his favorite country, he said that Palau, an island nation east of the Philippines, was his favorite and called it “paradise.”

Hughes said: “I love travelling and I want my legacy to be that you don’t have to be a millionaire to travel the world.”

See where the journey took Hughes in the viral video above.

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