Ashton Kutcher Sways The Internet’s Cynical Heart With Heartfelt Acceptance Speech [VIDEO]

The last thing I expected to do this morning was become a fan of Ashton Kutcher. In fact, I believe we’ve made fun of Michael Kelso on this very site on no less than three occasions. His whole pseudo-entrepreneurial spirit rubs some people the wrong way, not to mention “The Butterfly Effect” — some of us paid money to see that.

However, ol’ lantern jaw turned things around for a lot of people during the 2013 Teen Choice Awards held on Sunday. Sure, the above video can be viewed as simply a publicity stunt to drum up hype about the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic Kutcher is starring in. And sure, being “real” at the Teen Choice Awards is sort of similar to doing push ups at a buffet — it’s a valiant effort, but ultimately you’re fighting a losing battle.

All that aside, Kutcher did channel his inner Jobs and actually dropped some thoughtful knowledge, even going as far as unveiling his birth name, Chris (GASP). Good on you Ashton, it’s not easy speaking from the heart when you’re standing next to a guy in boardshorts and Bear Claw from “New Girl.”


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