Aspiring Rapper’s YouTube, Instagram Posts Prompts Biggest Gun Bust In NYC History


A gun trafficking ring that did business in New York City would have been under the radar today had an aspiring rapper avoided oversharing the loot on social media sites like YouTube and Instagram.

According to Buzzfeed, Matthew Best, 26, posted photos and videos of cash and guns delivered by the gun trafficking ring from a recording studio in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn. His oversharing, as well as undercover work by New York police, prompted the police to conduct the biggest guns bust in the city’s history today. They arrested 19 people and found an arsenal of 254 weapons ranging from pistols to semi-automatic weapons.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly confirmed Best’s activities at a press conference earlier today: “In video investigators found on YouTube, he boasted: ‘Packing more guns than the Air Force.’”

The smuggling ring brought guns to the city from North and South Carolina using discount charter buses and distributed them through their Brooklyn base. Besides Best’s blunders, the police conducted an elaborate wiretapping scheme as well as sending an undercover cop to purchase guns from the smuggling ring.

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