Australian Television Host Totally Flips Out While Talking With Grumpy Cat [VIDEO]

Not even the Australians are immune to Grumpy Cat’s powers. Like a kangaroo strapped to a koala-operated rocket, Grumpy Cat has shot herself into the world’s collective heart. During a segment featuring Grumpy, “Today” host Karl Stefanovic could not keep it together while gazing at Grumpy Cat’s oh-so-sour visage.

Throwing an accusatory finger at his television prompter, Stefanovic shouts, “Look at that cat, look at that cat. It’s like Jabba The Hut.” And to be fair, Grumpy Cat does share many similarities to Jabba. Angry? Check. Sometimes slimy? Sure, check. Intergalactic crime lord? You better believe it, check, check and check.

You’re great, Grumpy Cat — never stop living the dream.


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