Author George Saunders Surprises Commencement Crowds With ‘Be Kind’ Speech [VIDEO]

I’d feel pretty ripped off if the “special guest speaker” at my commencement was one of my professors. Of course, I didn’t go to a fancy school where they had awesome professors who were actively relevant, like author George Saunders (himself a Syracuse University graduate).

Saunders, who has attracted a lot of attention this year with his bestselling short story collection “Tenth of December” is now going viral off a speech he made at an SU commencement ceremony back in May. While the speech has been publicly available since the 20th of May, only now in the last few days has the speech been gaining traction. Nobody quite has an answer for why the speech is suddenly noteworthy, but considering the bottom line of it is the simple plea for people to “Be kind” it’s not necessarily a bad message to spread. Of course, a lot of us retained a similar message from “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” (“Be excellent to one another”), but apparently the new kids need some reminding. Especially the little shit who bought the last cold bottle of “Fanta Pineapple” at the carniceria by my house.

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