AwesomenessTV Debuts Teasers For Two New Web Series At VidCon Panel


Teen-oriented YouTube network AwesomenessTV used their VidCon panel Friday to introduce two new web series as part of its upcoming lineup.

The question and answer panel featured some of the most prominent stars from the channel, including Miss Glamorazzi, Lia Marie Johnson, Teala Dunn and Alex Goyette.

The first series they introduced at the panel was “Expelled,” which features a troublemaking high school student who thinks up a clever scheme with his friends to hide the fact that he was expelled from school for pranking.


Goyette, who is better known by his YouTube name Joule Thief, wrote and directed the series, which stars Nickelodeon’s Nathan Kress and “IMO”’s Teala Dunn.

He described the series as “Ferris Bueller for the new generation” to NMR shortly after he finished speaking at the AwesomenessTV VidCon panel: “The parents are completely oblivious to the fact that he’s no longer enrolled and he has to trick them into thinking he’s still going to school. In order to do that, he has to get a report card, he has to kind of trick the principal into thinking he told the parents already and it’s kind of this ‘Oceans 11’ operation to convince the parents he’s still enrolled.”


AwesomenessTV also showed the trailer for its other new series, “Side Effects.” It is a musical drama that follows a teenage girl who has unusual hallucinations of song and dance after taking medication. Cast members include Chester See and Lulu Antariksa.

The two new web series, which currently don’t have a premiere date at the moment, are part of the bigger picture that AwesomenessTV is trying to put forward after Dreamworks Animation bought the network for $33 million in May.

Margaret Laney, chief marketing officer for AwesomenessTV, said that the network is focused on helping their talent grow and that collaborations such as the two new web series is part of their strategy: “The way that we’re thinking about the network is aspiring creators, if you engage and participate, you will grow. If you’re good, we’ll notice you. Really wrapping that network into the main channel content is coming up.”

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