Boy’s Prayer For President Obama Riles Up Nasty Right-Wing YouTube Commenters [VIDEO]

Regina Young posted a video on YouTube of her son Stephen offering his support for President Obama by going down on his knees, closing his eyes and reciting a prayer.

He says in the video above: “Barack Obama, thank you for doing everything and all the kind stuff. Thank you for all the stuff that you helped us with. Thank you for taking the courage and responsibility for everything you have done for us.”

The young boy seems to muddle his words, making it seem like he is praying to the president rather than for the president. He ends his prayer by throwing his arms in the air and shouting “Barack Obama!”

Even though his mother said that Stephen’s prayer was “priceless,” the 57-second video has now become a target of outrage. It has so far garnered nearly 3,000 dislikes and an overwhelming amount of negative comments – many of them racist — suggesting that the mother is teaching his son to worship a person, not God.

YouTube user Newbirth35 commented: “Idolatry. That sounds more like a prayer To Obama, not FOR him. How sad, and even sadder that you are proud of the poor kid doing this.”

Other users, like PooterkwinSkrodangle, denigrated the prayer on racial terms: “Oh my precious Barack Obama, please make me like you — a coke sniffing, buttfukking, lying, lazy, race baiting filthy communist muslim.”

Conservative commenters may be furious that a young black kid is supposedly praying to President Obama, but they didn’t seem to think that a clip from the documentary “Jesus Camp” showing children blessing a life-sized cardboard poster of former President George W. Bush was blasphemy.

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