Chester See & Freddie Wong Kick Off YouTube’s Geek Week

Come one, come all, to the land of geek appreciation!

Last week, YouTube announced plans for their first-ever Geek Week, a week dedicated to highlighting geek culture on YouTube. Each day of the week will be hosted by YouTube’s favorite creators and will involve over 100 channels whose geek-inspired videos will be highlighted on YouTube’s main page.

Blockbuster Sunday was kicked off by FreddieW and featured the movie-inspired videos of creators such as Above Average, Rooster Teeth, Cartoon Hangover. For FreddieW’s own Geek Week creation, he released the video “Skyhook,” which chronicles him visiting his “bat cave” to prepare for a disastrous date with Grace Helbig.

Today, Chester See steps up to the hosting chair for Global Geekery Monday, where he will comment on videos covering global geek culture from creators such as YOMYOMF, Ryan Higa and Nerdist. Upcoming Geek Week hosts will include creators from Machinima, Geek and Sundry, Veritasium, The Spangler Effect, and Stan Lee’s World of Heroes, all of whom will continue the celebration of the vast range of geek content YouTube has to offer.

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