Chester See Releases New Music Video ‘Under My Breath’ About The Girl Who Never Heard Him Say ‘I Love You’ [VIDEO]

Just released this morning, Chester See is serenading the romantics of YouTube with his latest original love song “Under My Breath.”

“The inspiration, as always, was a girl,” says Chester. “I’ll keep her name a secret so that her now boyfriend doesn’t feel weird around me. It wasn’t a friend that I had known since I was 8 like the story in the video, but I definitely didn’t tell this girl how I felt for a pretty long time.  I was never really sure if she was into me or not so I just played it cool for way too long.  I do remember walking her to her car, opening her door, because that’s what we’re supposed to do, and watching her leave. As she drove off, I literally said I love you under my breath and to the piano I went.”

Chester filmed the majority of the video in his friend’s pool and saw the underwater shots as the perfect visual depiction of his inability to have his words heard by the girl he loved.

Aside from uploading music videos and vlogs to his own YouTube channel, Chester is currently involved in co-producing a feature film about YouTube, guest starring opposite Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart in “Camp Takota” and filming seasons two and three of the web series “Side Effects.”

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