Comedian Mark Malkoff Asks YouTubers To Massage Him At VidCon, Does Not Go To Jail [VIDEO]

Now that VidCon has been over for almost a week, it’s time to sit back and remember those precious moments when YouTubers were creeped out by the regrettable actions of us “normals.”

Mashable correspondent and comedian Mark Malkoff was in the creeper spirit during VidCon as he asked various YouTubers to give him random back massages on the convention floor.

Wow, looks like carrying a Mashable mic really opens doors for a person. We still haven’t heard from NMR’s Jeff Klima since he was escorted off the convention floor by Anaheim police after asking creators to give him what he called “a full-body massage.” We’re pretty worried about him, but I’ve heard nothing but good things about California’s police force lately, so I’m sure he’s okay.

You can check out Malkoff get the rubdown from YouTubers like Tay Zonday, Grace Helbig and Phil “Captain Zap” DeFranco above.



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