Comedians Doug Benson and Adam Pally Guest Star in Geek & Sundry’s Animated Space Series ‘Outlands’ [VIDEO]

Comedians Doug Benson from “Last Comic Standing” and Adam Pally from “The Mindy Project” are guest starring in the two newest episodes of Geek & Sundry’s animated space series “Outlands” today and next Tuesday.

The 16-bit animated YouTube series follows a group of incompetent soldiers who are sent to the outer reaches of space – or the “Outlands” – to clear out any life forms from the other planets and build shopping malls and multiplexes. Adam de la Pen?a is the series’ creator as well as one of the regular voices on the web series which also features Felicia Day, Dana Snyder, Jason Zumwalt and Andrew Racho.

In episode three, which stars Benson, the gang crash land on a planet and are rescued and charmed by Captain Val. He helps move their spaceship back to base, but despite his awesome attitude, the gang gets more than they bargained for when Captain Val is in charge. Pally will star in episode four, which premieres next Tuesday.

Check out the latest episode of “Outlands” in the video above.

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