Cookie Monster? More Like Nookie Monster … [VIDEO]

I love this clip because I know exactly the type of person that is in this Cookie Monster outfit in Time Square. See I used to work illegally as a mall Easter Bunny (I was only 15) and my coworkers were amongst the lowest people on the planet. There was one guy who got fired because he tore open the front of the suit to publicly pee in a mall trash can. Another lady used to change in front of her son — her 27-year-old sleazebag son — and got naked in front of me too. Not great. The point is, do not go near people in costumes because these are not the sort of people that made the good life decisions to put them in a sweaty Cookie Monster outfit in Time Square.

So when you see Cookie Monster ogling scantily-clad showgirls who are handing out advertising, just know that one hand is probably not where it is supposed to be. Yick.

Here are some more colorful folks on the internet:

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