Cracked Celebrates ‘Happiness Week’ With Rainbows And Farts … Wait, Just Rainbows


When Cracked pitched NMR the idea of Happiness Week, we couldn’t stop smiling. Cracked already brings so much joy to our day that we almost forget on a regular basis that back in print form they were a poor bastard imitation of Mad magazine. But now, in this bitingly acerbic digital age, has soared into their own and left Alfred E. Neuman in the 20th century dust (now with less skin flakes). Eat your damn heart out, Sergio Aragones.

As part of Happiness Week, Cracked swears up and down that they’ve loaded their precious site up with enough Easter eggs to give Baby Jesus salmonella poisoning (what do you mean he’s already dead?!). That coupled with the usual madcappery and daily buffoonery and suddenly Cracked is the go-to site for good vibes, friendliness and sweet hallucinogenic DMT gathered from the pineal glands of only the finest free-range hinterland rodents (tell ‘em “Sweet J” sent you).

According to Cody Cheshier over at Cracked: “Our Happiness Week is highlighted with a homepage takeover and module that dispenses bite-sized true and inspiring facts, a mix of information and comedy like we’re known for. We also have feel-good articles, columns and videos airing throughout the week.” He didn’t know I was going to turn that into a quote, but, well, I just felt so damn happy that I went with it. Hope the Cracked lawyers are feeling as good and charitable as I am right now.

Speaking of that inspiration-dispensing module, here are some random Cracked facts to get your smile on:

– When LuLu the pot-bellied pig’s owner had a heart attack, LuLu escaped her enclosure, ran to the nearest highway, and stopped traffic until someone followed her home. The paramedics were called and her owner’s life was saved.

– Babies have the adorable ability to match canine barks with pictures of dogs – even if they’ve never seen dogs before.

– Seventy percent of Iraq’s Basra Central Library collection, which included priceless and irreplaceable texts, was saved by a sole librarian. Day after day, she secretly smuggled books out under her clothes before the library was burned to the ground by looters.

Not bad right? Happiness Week lasts ‘til Friday, so make sure you get as much joy as you can because come Saturday, it’s right back to the gulag for pissing and whippery. And maybe not even in that order …

(P.S. On the page, click on the hot air balloon — it changes all the thumbnails to soft, cuddly animals)

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