‘Crazy B*tch’ is Either The Best Or Worst Wedding Song of All Time [VIDEO]

I can’t decide whether this video is complete trash, or brilliant treasure. Sort of like Honey Boo Boo, there is just something oddly compelling about this horrific madness. I really love unorthodox weddings and people doing unconventional things as long they aren’t overdone (oh look … another synchronized “Thriller” routine). But then again, there is something beautiful about having one day when you aren’t a complete heaping pile of guttershit, you know? Like there is something to be said for society and its traditions.

In the end, I think I side with the unconventionality of this video and categorize it as something good. Lots of weddings happen that are generic and that is pleasant — but sometimes you’ve just got to bust it out — even if the person singing “Crazy B*tch” (it’s not Buckcherry here) sounds like she’s someone who thinks she’s really awesome and talks about it all the time, but really she sucks pretty badly at life. Also she sounds fat (hey, I’m fat too, we can call out our own).

Bonus is the guy with his impressionable nerd son in the forefront of the video just turning away in absolute shamed disgust. Like he is just some acquaintance of the parents who is completely and utterly repulsed by the whole affair. It’s really the topper on the wedding cake that is this video.

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