Crazy ‘Rhubarb Lady’ Is A Contender For Best Clip of 2013 [VIDEO]

Behold the clip that will launch a thousand parodies …

I will be surprised if the Gregory Brothers aren’t auto-tuning this one already. This video, that is also a little sad in its own way, shows a woman incensed that she is being questioned about gathering rhubarb from what she feels is public land. What follows is a tirade more suitable to the movie “The Exorcist.”

YouTube has already removed the video once because of what they consider bullying. But to me, the person with the real mental issues is that woman behind the gate (and the one who becomes unhinged while filming). Clearly, that rhubarb is outside the fence line and essentially that makes it outside the property that you wish to guard. I, as an unbiased third party, call fair game. If your lemon tree hangs into my yard, I get to pick those lemons. Karma court and the Honorable Judge Jeff Klima rule in favor of the rhubarb lady. Pick on, you crazy, foul-mouthed pie enthusiast.

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