Daycare Workers Sacked After Mother Exposes Disturbing Instagram Photos of Kids

While browsing the internet, Melissa Jordan was shocked to find photos of her 3-year-old son Ethan uploaded by a daycare worker who looked out for him.

The daycare worker, Jena Ferrel, posted photos on her Instagram page mocking her son as well as the other kids at A Heavenly Haven Learning Center 2 in Newport News, Virginia. Under the Instagram account name Mz_oneofakind, Ferrel ridiculed Ethan for his speech impediments and wrote in the comments: “I’m sick of this s***.” She also compared one kid’s smile to Mater, a character in Disney’s “Cars” franchise.

Jordan told local station WAVY about finding her son’s photo on Ferrel’s instagram page: “I was concerned about my child, and I was hurt because I trusted them with Ethan. I don’t know why he is sitting in a highchair at three-years-old. I don’t know how long he’s been in the highchair. He looks so pathetic and miserable. He looks so defeated in that picture.”

The discovery prompted A Heavenly Haven Learning Center 2 to fire Ferrel as well as the daycare’s manager for bringing cameras into the daycare’s classroom, and Virginia’s Department of Social Services is currently investigating the matter. Ferrel has since deleted her Instagram account.

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