Easy Pickings: Stupid Trolls Get Pwned In Their Retorts To Girl Gamers [VIDEOS]

You know it’s going to be a good day when the gamer girls of the world call foul and then the Bobby Riggs’ of the commentary world trot out and attempt to retort. Setting various and inept real-life troll response comments to video and then reading them in funny voices brings great fun to an admittedly sensitive topic. As you’ll see in the following video (a response to the top video), these commenters came into a battle of wits unarmed — which is a tragedy because there is a real grounds for a debate on the nature of fairness regarding gender and gender roles in gaming. I know Anita Sarkeesian regularly plumbs that well and most of the folks that troll her are just as tragic in their inability to grasp concepts as these folks below are. Maybe one day a diplomatic and thoughtful writer will compose a nuanced and not-too-vicious, evenhanded retort that spurs a meaningful discussion. But I am not that writer, and the commenters in the following video are equally unsuited to the challenge. So watch, laugh, and then weep for the state of not mankind, but humankind. For it was doubtlessly someone way more stoned than I am who once said, “Can’t we all just get along?”

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