Ex-Rugby Player Is Most Romantic Man On YouTube After Surprise Proposal To Model Girlfriend Goes Viral [VIDEO]

Former rugby player Garth Chamberlain will from now on be known as the most romantic man on YouTube, and rightly so. Filming the entire proposal on video, Chamberlain surprised his girlfriend of three years, Swedish-born model Tess Montgomery, with an intimate marriage proposal that involved him traveling all around the world.

To keep the proposal a surprise, Chamberlain contacted Tess’s modeling agency to set up a fake gig on the Italian island of Favigana. Previous to this, Chamberlain had flown to ask Tess’s father for his daughter’s hand in marriage. When Tess arrived at the island, she was greeted in her hotel with an iPad featuring footage of Chamberlain talking with her father, footage of Chamberlain setting up the proposal and a photo slideshow of the couple’s travels around the world.

After the proposal, Tess wrote on her blog: “I can say that it was quite a shock to be booked on a job and end up in the middle of a marriage proposal instead. Garth had been planning this since sometime in March and received help from my good bookers at MOT, so I really could not imagine. I was stunned – Garth made the most romantic proposal in the world and I am one very lucky lady.”

The couple are planning to wed in front of friends and family on New Year’s Eve in Zimbabwe.

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