Foul! ‘Basketball Stereotypes’ is Funny Because It’s So Damn True [VIDEO]

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the next YouTube gimmick.

On YouTube, there is very little genuine creativity. Usually someone will come up with an idea like, say, reviewing three other people’s videos and rating them. Or trotting out endless “Shit _______________ Says …” vids. And then those once-original ideas will be repeated endlessly to the point where it diminishes the idea as a whole to the detriment of everyone. Remember how badass “The Matrix” special effects were? And then everybody copied, parodied or referenced that stuff so that by the time “The Matrix: Reloaded” came out, that shit seemed tired?

My bet is that the same will happen to this awesome concept of name-checking real life “stereotypes.” From the old guy on the basketball court to the guy who misses every shot only to sink the game winner and claim he’s ”money,” I love what the guys of Dude Perfect have done here and I want them to keep doing it. And only them. Will it happen like that? No, but such is life in the cutthroat business of entertainment.

And to add one more stereotype to their mix: the guy who throws up the jump shot and yells “Kobe” every. single. time.

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