‘Fred’ Star Lucas Cruikshank Announces He’s Gay [VIDEO]

In a just-released video, Lucas Cruikshank cozies up with his best friend and fellow YouTuber Jennifer Veal to answer a variety of fan questions, including ones about his sexual orientation.

“I’m gay,” Cruikshank says in the video next to a giggly Veal. “It feels so weird saying it on camera. My family and friends have known for three years but I just haven’t felt the need to announce it on the internet.” Following his announcement, Cruikshank asks Veal why she doesn’t have to make a video announcing she’s straight, and she laughingly states she will make one just for him.

Cruikshank first started making YouTube videos when he was 13 years old and became known on the internet as his character Fred — a misadventurous, fast-talking, always-moving 6-year-old boy. From YouTube, Cruikshank took Fred to Nickelodeon where he started in a Fred television series and several movies. Cruikshank and Veal create new videos on their channels every Tuesday and Thursday and encourage viewers to submit any and all questions to their Tuesday Q&A sessions.

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