Gaming Creator NovaWar Explains Fan Hero — The Next Evolution in YouTube Moneymaking? [INTERVIEW]

Having a celebrity pitchman is always good when you’re starting a new business, and for Fan Hero, they couldn’t do much better in the gaming world than to have NovaWar on board.


Fan Hero, for the uninitiated, is the latest step in fan/creator interaction. There is a perception with some that YouTubers make a fabulous living creating content for the internet and its legions of anonymous adherents. That’s akin to thinking all actors are rich — no, a few are, but the vast majority of them are busing tables and waiting for their big break. Fan Hero bridges creators and fans by benefiting both parties. Conceptualize awesome personalized swag that represents some aspect of what you love about your favorite YouTuber — Fan Hero gives you the access to that. How much you feel you can pay for it is largely up to you, but anything you pay over the cost of the item goes directly to the artist.

The technique was essentially pioneered by the band Radiohead in an attempt to branch off from meddling and mooching record labels. After their attempt was a success — it turns out that when people know their money is going to an artist who is making content for them, they are surprisingly generous — others, like Kickstarter and Indiegogo got into the game. But those companies hinge on short-term money grabs for specific and narrowly defined projects. Fan Hero has evolved that format and innovated it by making it sustainable for long-term involvement. At Fan Hero, you aren’t investing in a project, you’re investing in a career. Then they further blew the roof off by bringing it straight into the YouTube game and signing NovaWar as their first client. I think that merchandising is going to be a huge piece of the new media pie (and an avenue that is only just beginning to really get explored), and a business like Fan Hero is going to have the inside edge, so creators and fans take note and check them out.

NovaWar, on the other hand, needs less introduction. While his parents know him better as Adam Morehouse (hopefully, at least — but then again, they’re not strangers to his channel), YouTube knows him as the deep-voiced Canadian gamer who posts Starcraft videos (and others) both solo and with his co-host/partner, Maximus Black. Spinning funny voices, bits and filthy, filthy hilarious trash-talking into their narratives, the Life’sAGlitchTV team is making Canada into something more than America’s hat. Well, in the gaming world at least.

Check out my interview with him for the skinny on Fan Hero, how Adam achieved NovaWar status and the proper way to say “about.” Ahh, those wacky Canucks.

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