Google PR Rep Accidentally Gives Journalists YouTube ‘Coverage Audit’


A Google PR rep inadvertently shared a YouTube “coverage audit” of 2012 to journalists after sending the wrong email attachment.

The documents, published in VentureBeat, revealed part of what appears to be Google’s plans for media coverage of its YouTube unit as well as charts revealing what the rep thinks about YouTube coverage from multiple, prominent media outlets.

Google’s PR rep who accidentally sent the documents later told VentureBeat that it was not an official Google document but rather an old template he used in his previous job.

Some of the findings in the leaked coverage audit, for instance, showed that the outlet with the most positive coverage is the Associated Press, with three stories with “A+” or “A” ratings. The Hollywood Reporter and WebProNews, on the other hand, each had six stories with “B” ratings, suggesting that their coverage may be more critical.


As far as quantity of coverage goes, the documents showed that Google had high goals for its PR reps on the amount of coverage they should generate and that at the half-year mark they were “65 percent to our 1,000 article goal.” However, coverage dropped during the second quarter of 2012, but the number of quality or positive articles nearly doubled in that quarter.

Charts provided in the leaked documents showed that most of the articles written about YouTube in 2012 were about music and pop culture. Sports was the third most-written subject on YouTube and comedy and education/science/arts rounded the top five subjects.

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