Hulk ‘Real American’ Hogan Arm-Wrestles Rob ‘Toronto’s Shame’ Ford, Brother! [VIDEO]

Not since Chris Brown played basketball with Johnny Depp dressed as Tonto has there been a sadder display of physicality. Infamous crack-smoking Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and noted adulterer Hulk “Real American” Hogan arm-wrestled recently, and the results were … staged.

For the record, I love Hulk Hogan: His refusal to acknowledge (1) his hair loss and (2) that shirts come with sleeves shows a level of commitment that is rarely seen anymore, which is why it is so confusing that he is associating with Ford. A notorious lunatic, Ford has pretty much soured the good name of Toronto for at least the next five decades. Come on Hollywood, don’t encourage this guy.

Hey, what the hell were you doing in Canada anyway? America needs you now more than ever.


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