‘I Forgot My Phone’ Paints A Grim Picture Of Our Self-Involved World [VIDEO]

It’s almost too easy to forget when you are watching this short film (that’s right, when a YouTube clip is important, we call it a short film instead of a video) by CharstarleneTV that this is not some dystopian future — this is the reality of now. I am horrified by two aspects of this video: 1.) that this very event actually happened to this poor girl and 2.) that I now think this way.

I grew up without a cell phone (mostly), and yet, so attached am I to the instant access of the world’s information at my fingertips, I can no longer process the world without it (such a fuckin’ First World problem). And that makes “I Forgot My Phone” a stealthy, near-silent and isolated sort of horror film. It also points at the bigger concept of this new society in which we live: the idea of “together alone.” Sure this girl has an active social life, but it is one of the most harrowing and lonely existences I’ve ever seen. And yet, as I look up from my phone whenever I am out with a crowd, I seem to be living that same lonely existence. Hmmm …

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