Ian And Anthony Of Smosh Are Huge Babies … In The New Animated Series ‘Smosh Babies’

Here’s some good news if you love Smosh and some bad news if you find either Ian or Anthony physically attractive: Starting Monday, August 12, the dynamic duo will be turned into babies.

Not literally, of course — God, you take everything so literally all the time — this is just the premise of “Smosh Babies,” a new animated series joining the Shut Up! Cartoons family.


The trailer for “Smosh Babies,” which you can check out above, dropped on Monday, and at first glance seems to promise more pee-filled water balloons than some kind of convention where people take water balloons and … wait, what are we talking about?

You can see Ian and Anthony’s baby-sized antics every Monday exclusively on Shut Up! Cartoons.


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