In Light Of Twitter’s New ‘Abuse’ Button, Here Are The Top 10 Mass Twitter Attacks

So Twitter has finally given a “whistle” to the victims who get attacked by trolls and cyber bullies on their site. That whistle comes in the form of a “report abuse” button that allows harassed individuals to send individuals tweets to the attention of the site moderators. But what happens when you’re inundated by hundreds — if not thousands — of trolls, haters, dickheads, hacktivists and creeps? Lets just say that you can’t contain the stream when the internet decides to unload on you. And that is what these ten people, places or things found out. So just consider this a fair warning the next time you decide to make a comment in public. The internet has eyes and spies everywhere — and you don’t know what’s going to piss them off. Here are the top ten mass Twitter attacks:

10. UK Threatens Rape & Murder Over Jane Austen

UK feminist Caroline Criado-Perez made the suggestion that the £10 note would be better represented by featuring Jane Austen over naturalist Charles Darwin. And for that she was hit up with a flurry of rape and death threats from the faceless angry hordes out on the internet. They were coming in at the rate of roughly 50 an hour for several hours and have not stopped even days later. Now Criado-Perez is allegedly looking to prosecute the harsher of the individuals.


9. Brad the Lad Long Gets Harrassed By Jenna Marbles & the Marbleheads

If Jenna Marbles doesn’t like something, well then apparently neither do her fans. Posting a comment on fellow YouTuber Brad the Lad Long’s channel, Jenna said, “Dude you’re a fucking creep. And you can’t sing.” That was all it took for the Marbleheads to chime in and threaten Brad the Lad with violence and death. She even claimed, after the fact, that the incident cost her her boyfriend. Damn, those are some serious fans.


8. GQ/One Direction Fans Square Off Over “Manwhoring”

When I saw Twitter raging in regards to GQ magazine featuring One Direction on their September cover, I was like, “Fuckin’ A. Those guys suck.” But it turns out the rage directed at GQ was not anti-One Direction, but rather, One Direction fans raging at perceived slights to the band, including less-than-stellar photos and the “assertion” that Harry Styles was a manwhore. What the hell are 13-year-old girls doing reading GQ? And why are they threatening to cut people’s throats over a cover photo? This next generation has a lot of anger.


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