Jen From Head To Toe | Beauty Guru

Jen Chae, better known to many as the face and personality behind hit YouTube beauty channel From Head To Toe is roughly 1/4 of my size. Pair that with the fact that I know absolutely nothing about her forte — makeup — and you’ve got some potential ingredients for a very awkward interview. And yet, it was one of my favorites that I’ve ever done.

Fortunately for Jen and I, we found some other things to bond over — our mutual love of “The Simpsons” mobile app “Tapped Out” for instance (she’s good, but I think my town is just a little cooler). Also, a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich, which she nibbled on while seated demurely across an opulent white couch in her apartment (and she didn’t even spill — so sophisticated). But mainly, I was excited to find out that she has good ol’ Kansas roots. So it’s a pretty impressive transition from the flatlands of the Sunflower State to the baller capital of SoCal swagger: Los Angeles. But Jen, with her loving husband Benny in the role of a good-natured and doting Ike Turner (sans all the awkward abuse stuff), seems to have made the transition well. Perched in her contempo casual abode with its decorative flairs, I can just as easily imagine Jen sipping martinis poolside at the W hotel, as I can see her making beauty videos for little Midwest girls (or beleaguered male writers) to learn proper exfoliation technique.

Of course it simply wouldn’t do for the feisty beauty to simply tell NMR and its fine readers about her craft — she had to show us! And unfortunately for all of you, I had to be the guinea pig. Of course, while I think I look better as a boy, she did a damn good job of convincing me I could be a member of the fairer sex as well — a hideous member, but whaddya gonna do? So get to know Jen on NMR, then check out her channel and subscribe. While inner beauty is what really counts, a little outer beauty goes a long way.


Check out the full interview below or visit the last page for the partial video interview.

Tell me a little bit about what we’re going to be doing today.

Jen Chae: Well today, we’re going to be doing some beautiful, princess-y, bright, special makeup on you making you look absolutely gorgeous. That’s the goal: gorgeousness.

I can’t help but notice that you and I are very similar in body type and size and look.

Yeah, it’s like looking in a mirror, so I think it will be really easy for me to put makeup on you because I have so much practice putting makeup on myself, so it’s just like such a similar canvas.

Your beard is not nearly as full as mine but that’s okay.

I shaved this morning, so yeah.

That makes a lot of sense. First off, you’re from Kansas.

I am. I am from the good ol’ Midwest.

Being from Kansas, are you one of those Johnson County snobs?

How do you even know about anything in Kansas? [laughs]

I have my ways [laughs].

Not snobby, but yes I’m from Johnson County.

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