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Oh my goodness, well that is good to hear that you’re not snobby, so that’s good. And you of course went to the University of Kansas?

I did, yeah. Go Jayhawks.

Did you go to any of the games?

I didn’t go to any of the games in person, but anytime the games were going on you would be locked out of the dorms. Like they don’t let you actually travel back into campus, so that’s really lots of horror stories of nights where I was working late in the studio, ‘cause I studied design, so you know, you’re there at all hours not getting enough sleep, and if there happened to be a game going on I couldn’t go home. You’d just have to wait until the cones are open so that you can get back home.

Was it a pretty big party after a win?

I don’t even think a pretty big party really says it. I mean, when I graduated we actually won the NCAA Championship Tournament, so that was insane, like the whole city was a party. It was on the news, there would be beer cans up taller than me, which I mean that’s not really really tall, but still.

That’s a pretty sizable beer can still.

Yeah it would just be a wave of beer cans.

So coming from Kansas and now living in Los Angeles, what’s the difference?

A lot of culture I would say — well to a certain extent. But parking, not used to not having any parking here whatsoever — that’s new, and the traffic. I’ve quickly learned that you can’t leave your house again — hey it’s just like when I was in college [laughs] — ‘cause there is just traffic and construction everywhere, and there is so many people. It’s very difficult to move around here.


How often do you get to go back to Kansas? Do your parents still live back there?

They do, yeah. They just visited me about a month ago. We’re planning on going back in October ‘cause my cousin is getting married. We like to go about once a year but I can’t really say that much because we’ve only lived here for under a year, so as far as traveling back there goes, we’ll see in the next year how the rhythm is for that.

Now have you guys done any big celebrity sighting stuff?

Not in Kansas.

Well not in Kansas, no. You guys pretty much have who in Kansas?

Who’s …

Pretty much just you, huh?

I’m not a celebrity [laughs].

You’re getting there. You’ve got over 500,000 subscribers.

You know, Paul Rudd actually went to KU.

Oh no kidding.

He’s a big KU fan so that’s like [cheers].

So you and Paul Rudd are pretty much —

We’re like BFFs. We go way back, like he’s pretty much my cousin.

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