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So say we’re in your car with you — what are we turning up? What’s the jam?

My current jam is Lorde – “Royales.” Oh my gosh she is this 16-year-old girl from New Zealand. I’m obsessed with the song — lots of low, steady beats, and it’s kind of minimalist but then she just has this voice that is kind of Lana Del Rey-ish but not trying too hard. Yeah it’s just beautiful. She’s a phenomenal singer, and I hope she has a lot of more songs like that because it’s just, it kind of hits you in your gut. I like stuff like that.

And last question: What would you be doing if you were not a makeup, YouTube beauty guru?

I would be a designer! [laughs] I’d be designing, and hopefully I’d be designing in a place that really made me feel fulfilled and where I was designing something where I was producing something where people could live really improved lives because of what I’m making.

So it wouldn’t be funny lamps. It would be actually functional.

If it was a functional lamp that would make somebody smile when they looked at it. I would totally design my own. I’d design a baller lamp [laughs].

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Photography by Kelly Kenney

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