John Basedow Talks Fitness, Fun And His YouTube Show ‘Culture Pop’ [INTERVIEW]



John Basedow is a Saturday morning legend. I grew up in the late 90s and 2000’s (and hell, even now!) with ads for his “Fitness Made Simple” workout program running interspersed between my favorite shows and always marvelled that a human being could be so fit. His programs, though I was too young to buy in, ran non-stop in my brain and even now, I can still picture that power stance of his as he stood sideways, flexing, and talking to the camera. So you can imagine how psyched I was when I found out that 1. he is now a social media star and 2. I got to interview him.

John, with some counseling from his good buddy Michael Warbux (@Michael Warbux), began adding in a pop culture segment to his show when he began broadcasting on YouTube in 2010 and such was the popularity, we now have his latest effort — Culture Pop — in 2013.

Basing the show mostly around the average person in the street, John and his cohost Chrissy Oakes (she usually possessing some odd instrument to harass the interviewees), move through the streets of New York City questioning the natives (and some of these people are really native — be sure to check out the free-spirited topless woman they interviewed) about the goings on in the world of popular culture. It’s a fun little piece of fluff that lets you see the world through the lens of not only Basedow, but some of New York’s friendliest folks. Such is the personality of Basedow, the entertaining Buzz60 hired John to also do some pop culture bits for them!

Quite possibly one of the hardest working people in new media, John told me that in addition to running his fitness and social media empires, “I appear nationally on the Sirius XM show, Covino & Rich, talking pop culture & fitness … I’ve been appearing on their show for going on 5 years, since my book came out in 2008, & I’m on just about every month or so.” Books, fitness, new media, television and radio … I think this guy’s going to conquer the world. And to think, as it all goes down, NewMediaRockstars got to interview him. Pretty frickin’ sweet. Or as John would say, “Your culture … has been popped.”

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