‘Keep Yo Business Off Facebook’: Gospel Church Sings About New Media Discretion [VIDEO]

Considering that social media drama is my bread and butter, it’s a wonder I’m even sharing this clip with y’all. Of course, it’s too catchy to not feed you a taste, communion-style.

This anonymous church has gone viral with their sermon-singing of “Keep Yo Business Off Facebook” — the new must-preach anthem in church. Of course, while some are loving the spin, others are calling blasphemy and saying that secular matters shouldn’t be discussed in church (oh, but fiction is okay?).

I’m just confused about why someone wouldn’t want to use Facebook as an effective marketing tool … small businesses need all the help they can get, and the social media giant seems like a great networking — oh wait — you mean “business” means “personal business”? Like who they fuckin’ and all that noise? Ooooh. God, I feel so white. Wait … am I allowed to say that anymore?

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