Laura Spencer Talks Life After ‘Lizzie Bennett Diaries’ & Starring In Popular WIGS Show ‘Jan & Vanessa’ [INTERVIEW]

Moving forward, what drew you to working on the show “Jan” and “Vanessa and Jan” on WIGS?

Well, I actually shot everything for WIGS prior to booking “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries,” and so I hadn’t really done any type of web project at that time, much less the type of production that actually felt like a television show, so what drew me in was the fact that I would get to work with someone like Jon Avnet, who is a major guy in the industry that I respect and all of the projects he has been a part of through his career are well known things that are fantastic, and so to get to work with someone like him so early on in my career was amazing to get to do. And meeting, Caitlin [Gerard] in the process, meeting Virginia Madsen, Stephen Moyer in the process, it was incredible [laughs]. They were all so professional and so lovely to work with, and they challenged me to be a better actor everyday, and when we got to do “Vanessa and Jan,” I mean working with the likes of Walton Goggins, I mean he was absolutely incredible [laughs]. So it was just all pretty unreal, but that group of people is making fantastic content with amazing actresses that have been working for years, and Caitlin and I were so lucky to get to be the young actresses that were thrown into the mix, these young sort of undiscovered actresses, and it’s just great that we’re hitting shows alongside such heavy-hitting, lovely women and getting to tell all these stories from all these different times of women’s lives, and it’s just really cool to be a part of the whole team.

How did you relate to your character Vanessa?

Well she is a lot more … I call her hilariously bold, which she expresses herself in a lot frostier ways than I would in my real life, but I was able to bring my own brand of humor to the character Vanessa so that was really fun to get to do, and then as you go in to “Vanessa and Jan,” I really related to Vanessa’s vulnerabilities and complexities and I just love getting to explore what it’s like when Vanessa was paired opposite a bunch of different type of men and in those relationships and within those scenes you see just different colors of her personality, much like in real life you kind of are maybe one way with a certain friend and then another way around your mom. It was just a fun way to delve deeper into a character, and I absolutely loved that.

How would you describe the relationship between Jan and Vanessa?

It is complicated [laughs]. I think that their relationship is the product of two people that have a lot going on in their individual lives that come together. I think that they relate in that they’re both young, ambitious artists and professionals, and Caitlin and I wanted to make the chemistry as believable as possible, and so we hung out before the shoot to get to know one another, because we did not know each other prior to the shoot, and so we decided to get drinks right before we started shooting or something, get dinner, and it was just supposed to be a “Where are you from?” like “What is your story?”

What were some of the first things you noticed about Caitlin when you met her?

She’s just very intriguing, much like how they delve into that in “Jan.” You can tell that there is so much depth going on within her, and you have no idea what it is ‘cause she just captivates you in that way, and she’s just so chill and so cool and so intelligent and lovely, like she’s just a very dynamic, beautiful woman, and just a darling friend of mine.

What will happen now with “Jan” and “Vanessa and Jan”? Are there plans for another season?

That I do not know but I can say that Vanessa will be brought back into the world of WIGS. I cannot be specific about that, but Vanessa is returning in some way and it’s pretty exciting, and yeah, I think that is all I can say [laughs].

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