Laura Spencer Talks Life After ‘Lizzie Bennett Diaries’ & Starring In Popular WIGS Show ‘Jan & Vanessa’ [INTERVIEW]

What do you think brought fans back to “Vanessa and Jan” which is a spinoff of “Jan”?

Well, I can speak for the character Vanessa, in what Jon has expressed is that through shooting “Jan,” he really enjoyed what I brought to the character Vanessa and left him wanting more and wanting to know more about this girl. And so it came from a place of him wanting to write more and also to write more to showcase the relationship between Jan and Vanessa as well. I was just lucky enough to be a part of the first successful series of WIGS and that help can be able to do this little side spin off because people were excited about these characters and wanted to see more. It was pretty cool that that worked out.

You have many recurring roles on popular television shows, what have been the advantages in working in traditional over web based media?

They’ve all been amazing opportunities that have come from different avenues. I had an interesting moment happen where we were doing “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries” panel and a question was asked, what was next for all of us, and I shared that I would be on “Switched at Birth” and tons — you mentioned screaming girls — I mean tons of screams from the audience, and it was clear that there was a crossover there with the audience. A lot of the people that already watched this project I was part of online were already fans of this show, so it’s been a cool transition for me, and I think for the fans to kind of see what we’re doing next and just follow our progress and support that progress and tweet about it and all these things, so it was just neat that when I had this recurring arch on “Switched at Birth,” there were people that knew who I was that were supporting me along that journey, and it wasn’t just my family being like, “Oh that looks great honey!” It was people that already knew my work and were able to see something new and it’s exciting I think on both sides of it.

In what ways do you feel web content still needs to grow to be a contender with traditional media?

Well I think it is growing … it may be the other way around. I don’t know if we’re at that point yet but I certainly see web developing further and further; it’s not going anywhere. It’s a giant open frontier right now, and it seems that Hollywood is starting to catch on. That’s certainly what the case was with WIGS: It was the professionals who have worked in TV and film all their lives trying out this world of web and seeing what they could do with it in that creative field. Because Rodrigo [Garcia] and Jon [Avnet] wanted to just have more creative control over a project just like any other content creator would for the web, and that’s why WIGS happened. They wanted to work with people they wanted to work with, they wanted to write what they wanted to write, and the more people that catch onto that birth of the internet, the more and more things are going to be happening on the level of WIGS as well as other content creators. It’s just a vast, open playing field right now, and it’s only growing, like it’s growing exponentially by the day. So I don’t think web has anything to worry about. I think that people are figuring it out. I think people are just trying to figure out how to make money still because everything on the web is free to view, and it’s all been an interesting thing to watch because that’s actually been what has been the beginnings of my career out here, and so it will be very interesting to see where this goes and how that affects different people within the web and in Hollywood. It’s just kind of going to blend together. I feel like it’s like the shift from silent films to talkies, from films to television, from television to web. There has always been a change and I think we’re on the cusp of a big change.

What do you have coming up now?

More stuff for WIGS which is really exciting, and we’re currently just in deep with a bunch of auditions and they’re all very exciting. It’s just a busy time of year for everybody and really continue to work throughout it, so yeah I’m pretty excited.

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