Lightning Directly Strikes A Japanese Train in Awesome Nature Spectacle [VIDEO]

Lightning strikes in general are pretty awesome, but when Mother Nature does something extracurricular and blasts a train with 500 million volts of electricity, and you capture that shit on video, you’d better upload it to the internet, stat.

I had a bolt of lightning hit a tree maybe 30 yards away from me and burst the tree into flames and that felt like I got hit with a blast of rock salt fired from a shotgun, so I can only imagine what it is like to be directly zapped while aboard a speeding train. Watch for the fire to flare up in the aftermath of the strike. I hope everyone is A-okay number one Joe.

I could tell you when the lightning strike hits, but there are several trains running through the video, so I find there is a certain amount of nervous tension as you wonder which one gets hit — sort of a “Where’s Waldo?” of destruction.

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