Lindsey Stirling And Peter Hollens Duet The Hell Out of ‘Star Wars’ For Geek Week [VIDEO]

This is one of those statements I never guessed I’d make, but Lindsey Stirling plays the violin sexier than anyone I have ever seen. Like it boggles my mind these sort of vicious thrusts and turns she makes as she drags her bow across the strings. In short, Lindsey Stirling just became the hottest part of Geek Week.

With her and the always-amazing Peter Hollens’ tribute to all things “Star Wars,” I became a fan not just of Lindsey Stirling’s virtuoso performance, but also Lindsey Stirling. Eat your heart out, John Williams. After this video, I’m going to be shooting womp rats in Beggar’s Canyon for sure. Usually, we get the “Star Wars” tribute videos we deserve. Today, we finally get the “Star Wars” tribute video we want.

Here’s more from Peter and Lindsey:

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