Little Girl Shares Kisses With Curious Baby Gorilla At The Zoo [VIDEO]

Oh, young love. The video “Little Girl and Baby Gorilla Become Friends” captures the budding friendship of a young blonde girl and a curious baby gorilla as they share kisses through the glass. Resembling a young Jane from “Tarzan,” the little girl wants nothing more than to play and imitate the mannerisms of her new animal friend. The video, which was uploaded onto the animal-obsessed YouTube channel Petsami, has garnered close to 19,200 views in just three days. The footage cuts out before, what we assume, was an emotional farewell, as the girl’s parents probably dragged her away as she screamed, “But I want to take it home!” Tough luck kid, welcome to the real world.

To get you through the work day, enjoy this animal magic:

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