Live Now: Smosh Hosts Their First Ever Live Stream For Six Straight Hours

With less than three days remaining to fund the “Smosh Food Battle” game, the Smosh crew are hosting their first ever live stream. Running for six straight hours, the live stream has been broken down into six segments in addition to a “Blindfolded Makeup Challenge” if their $250,000 Indiegogo goal is reached.

Launched on July 21, 2013, the “Smosh Food Battle: The Game” Indiegogo has since raised over $180,000 in funding for the upcoming free-to-play iOS, PC and Android title. The Indiegogo sports a variety of insane perks including the “Mystery Can #10” perk, which forces Ian and Anthony of Smosh to eat spoonfuls of mystery product from a mystery can.

If the Indiegogo doesn’t get fully financed, the game will still be made, it seems, as the campaign is listed with flexible funding which gives the Smosh crew all crowd-sourced funds regardless of a 100 percent successful campaign.

You can check out the live stream above. Good luck Smosh dudes and dudettes.

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