Machinima Calling For Submissions For Their Interactive Film Festival This November


Machinima is calling content creators to submit their best gaming and sci-fi-related videos for the second annual Machinima Interactive Film Festival (MIFF) this November.

Content creators can send their best work to the MIFF by clicking here and they will be judged in three different categories: Fan Films, Animation and Live-Action Originals. The deadline for submissions is October 6.

Four creators’ submissions will be selected during MIFF’s run from November 22 to 24 at the iam8bit studios in Los Angeles. Each of them will get a development deal to create three-episode mini-series that would be funded by Machinima. Out of the four mini-series, only one will have the chance to develop into a 90-minute feature that will be broken up into nine 10-minute episodes.

The film festival is Machinima’s collaboration with production company iam8bit. Last year’s winners include “The Hunger Games” tribute “The Hunger Gamers,” “Mario Kart” animated parody “Mario Kart 69,” Mario-esque short feature “First Person Goomba,” Reckless Tortuga’s “Video Game Cops,” Conquistador’s “With A Love Like That” music video and “Skyrim: Battle of the Samurai (Tyrannicon).”

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