Machinima To Launch Creator Development Tools Similar To Fullscreen ‘Dashboard’ Soon


The problem looks like this: As organizations with thousands of partners, multi-channel YouTube networks don’t have the time or resources to individually support each and every one of their creators.

So how do networks deal with this issue? Fullscreen, a network with thousands and thousands of partners, launched the Fullscreen Dashboard a while back to help combat the problem. The Dashboard allows partners to monitor every aspect of their channel and basically acts as a way for Fullscreen to say: “Here is this tool, use it, we care about you.”

It’s a smart workaround in dealing with thousands of creators’ requests, so of course other networks were bound to follow suit.

According to a Machinima representative, the game-centric MCN is planning to launch their own set of tools for partners in the near future. This news was divulged during a roundtable discussion at VidCon 2013. The tools will focus on the development side of things for creators, which will ideally help them understand how to annotate properly and maximize tags and titles.

The representative explained that the point of these development tools was to help their partners understand the YouTube creator playbook without giving off the vibe of “doing homework.”

In addition to a set of development tools, the new Machinima platform will also work in conjunction with crowdsourced branded content company Poptent. Essentially, Poptent will work with any Machinima partners interested in creating branded content for companies seeking online ad support. Fullscreen also has a feature similar to this called “Gorilla” which gives creators the chance to make “sponsored videos” with an increased cost per impression (CPM).

No official release date was given for the Machinima dev tools, but we will keep you updated as more information comes out.


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