Maker Studios Relaunches Its Gaming and Geek Culture Channel as Polaris


Maker Studios is bringing on the biggest names in YouTube gaming into their relaunched geek-culture and gaming network, the company announced Thursday.

Formerly known as The Game Station, Polaris features content from prominent YouTube gamers like PewDiePie, Yogscast, Toby Turner, HuskyStarcraft and more. Some of the original programming featured on Polaris include “PewDiePie & Friends” where the world’s most popular YouTube gamer joins other Polaris stars in playing some of PewDiePie’s favorite games, interactive game show “FriendZone” and the animated series “Broken Quest.”

Dar Nothaft, vice president and general manager of Polaris, explained the fans’ role in the relaunched channel: “Fans will be able to interact with the series in a variety of platforms, starting with the YouTube comments and social media streams of Polaris. Currently we also have a variety of thriving sub-reddits, where fans of the GameGrumps, TotalBiscuit, Yogscast and Polaris can gather and interact.  An up-coming website that will house forums and a variety of videos for fans to explore, and many of our series’ will be open to fan suggestions and submissions.”

The channel will also take part in YouTube’s first ever Geek Week, where they will host Gaming Thursday. The videos from Gaming Thursday will include live game playthroughs, video-game-in-real-life skits and video game-inspired web series.

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