Man Proposes To Girlfriend On Reddit With Hilarious Memes And Original Artwork


On Monday, 26-year-old graduate student Malcolm Collins proposed to his girlfriend Simone Smith via Reddit. Under his username SirTechnocracy, Collins posted two marriage-themed photo galleries to the folder “Animal Advice” for Smith (username LadyTechnocracy) to find when she logged onto Reddit.

The first gallery was a collection of humorous marriage-themed memes. The second gallery was full of artwork Collins had commissioned from artists around the world depicting the major events of their relationship.

“After seeing the post and having me propose to her, LadyTechnocracy [Simone Smith] was completely overwhelmed. She ran up and hugged me almost in tears for what was between one and three minutes. I had to remind her she needed to say yes or no. She responded with a quick yelp of ‘Yes, Malcolm Collins, I will marry you. Now give me the shiny thing,'” Collins stated in article he wrote for Huffington Post.

But in the days following the couple’s engagement, Collins’ proposal generated strong backlash from Reddit users who commented that the online proposal was “cringe-worthy” and “the worst way to propose to someone.”

In the article Collins wrote for Huffington Post defending his decision to propose to Simone on Reddit, he explained: “In creating my proposal, I tried to collect all of the most influential and iconic aspects of nerd and online cultures that were meaningful to our relationship (which is, admittedly, very nerdy in nature). Many people were horrified that I did so, but my goal was to make this meaningful to Simone / LadyTechnocracy, not the world.”

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